How to Play Candy Crush Saga Like a Pro

Candy Crush GameI cannot recall how long I have had candy crush on mu mobile phone. It is even more difficult trying to figure out how long it is that I have been playing candy crush saga. Well, the purpose of this article is not to bore you with the duration of time that I have been indulging myself with candy crush. So, let’s get this straight; you have been playing candy crush saga mobile game. You suck at the game. Also, you want to know how you can get better at candy crush. If all the mentioned criteria describe you then you have come to the right website!

Nothing to worry about! When I first started playing candy crush game, I sucked at the game more than you could ever imagine. But fast-forward to today, m candy crush game skills has be refined and improved. The same techniques I used to improve my gaming skills is what we will talk about in today’s article. So, sit back and result while we do the hard work for you.

Crush Candy Crush Saga Game with these Simple Game Hacks

Be Patient – You will be amazed with how much you can get accomplished with a small dose of patience. People miss out on the bigger picture because they run out of patience. Patience is needed in almost all spheres of human endeavors. To be successful in te Candy Crush Soda and Saga game, you need patience! Don’t be too quick to utilize your magic balls. Build other smaller combo cubes as much as possible. Then when you have built enough, you can launch your attack on the cubes, you will be surprised at how fast cubes will be destroyed.

Link Candy Crush to Your Facebook Profile – Yes, that’s true! A lot of people are frusted with Candy crush because the omitted connecting the game to their social media platform. So, when something happens to their phone, their entire candy crush progress is completely lost. How do you start all over again when you were half way done? I don’t know about you, for me, that would be very frustrating. The good news is; there is a way to prevent such mishap from happening. That’s by linking the game to your Facebook profile. That way, your progress is automatically saved. In the event of phone damage or theft, your candy crush progress are not completely lost. You simply get a new phone, install your game back and login to your social media account and your preveious game level is restored. That’s how simple it gets.